Q. What is Five Queens?


Five Queens is a brand name based out of Southfield, Michigan started by four sisters.  Five Queens Hair extensions are 100%  Virgin Human Hair (unprocessed) no chemicals, no mixed blends, no fiber, no animal hair is used to construct our bundles.  Each Individual piece comes from a separate donor. Our hair is hand selected and inspected by two quality control teams to ensure cuticles are intact and wefts superiorly strong. Its silkier, softer, thicker, last longer and overall it’s BETTER than the average bundle sold on the market.


Q. Does the hair shed?


Let’s talk about shedding! When it comes to our bundles there is a MINIMUM shedding meaning (the hair will be never having a noticeable or drastic decrease in its density or volume. Any hair that has been manufactured to be stitched on a weft is entitled to experience minimum shedding which is normal. After the second shampooing and conditioning there should not be any shedding. Heat damage, over processing or lack of moisture and conditioner will cause shedding, so be sure to apply heat protectant before thermal use. Always let a licensed professional color your extensions and shampoo & condition once a week. You can also consult with one of the owners of Five Queens.



Q. Can I blow dry my Five Queens extensions?

 Yes, you can blow dry your hair extensions, but it isn't the best thing to do for the longevity of the hair. As we all know, applying a lot of heat can not only damage your natural hair but your extensions as well. You want to limit the amount of heat you apply to your extensions.  The preferred method for drying bundle hair is to let it Air dry or sit under an overhead dyer. In cases where you may not have enough time to let it hair dry. Blow dry until it is damp and then finish blow drying the hair completely on cool setting. 


Q. What color are the Five Queens extensions?

Five Queens Hair comes in a straight, body wave, deep wave or tight curly texture, the color will range between a natural 1b and 2 (sometimes lighter). It does not come in black.

If you want it Black/Jet black it must be dyed or a semi-permanent has to be applied to darken the hair to black. Our product is 100% human hair and each individual piece comes from a separate donor; we cannot guarantee hair color... In some cases, we may have natural lighter pieces that are available upon request but not guaranteed. Please be forewarned, if you are dissatisfied with the color, we will not consider that a defect and we will not grant an exchange.


Q. Can I have my Five Queens extensions be   dyed/colored before having it shipped to me?

 We do not color bundles before shipping. The customer is responsible for finding a licensed stylist to color the hair for them once they receive it.

Q. How many bundles do I need?

We suggest: Length 14-16" Inches - You Need 2 bundles Or More....Lengths 18-24" inches You Need 3 bundles Or More..... Lengths 26-30" You Need 4 bundles or More....Lengths 30"-Up"-5 bundles or More.

These suggestions are based upon installs with lace closures and frontals as well.

Q. Can Bundles be dyed?

Five Queens extensions are 100% virgin Human Hair therefore it can be bleached, rinsed, dyed all different shades and hues of blondes, browns, reds, even fruity colored tones such as purple, blue and pink (it is STRONGLY SUGGESTED) that a licensed professional color it for you.




Q. Does the Hair Tangle?

Initially it does not tangle! The hair will begin to tangle from dryness if it needs to be shampooed and deep conditioned. If tangling does occur here are a few tips to follow 


Q. How much does each bundle weigh?

Each bundle is weighed at 90-100 grams which is equivalent to 3.1-3.5 oz.

because the bundles vary in weight, two bundles of the same inch could be different in weft lengths.  






Q. If I straighten my Five Queens hair extensions will it revert back to it natural state after I wash it?

The body wave texture only has a slight wave pattern so after heat has been applied to it the extensions will be trained to stay straight and the pattern WILL NOT come back. The deep wave and the tight curly texture DOES revert back curly/wavy after straightening/curling but the pattern will not be as tight. If you purchase these textures I suggest you wear them in its natural state First and then after you are tired of wearing it naturally Curly/wavy then apply heat for a different look.


Q. How long does Five Queens hair last?

With proper care and maintenance Five Queen’s hair extensions can be reused and reinstalled from 6 months(minimum) to 1+Year. It is inevitable that some of the Hair will get cut when your beautician styles the hair so when it's time to reinstall the hair I suggest you purchase one new bundle to add in; to take place of the shorter pieces you won’t be able to reuse such as cut bangs or short layers.


Q. How often can I wash my Five Queens Hair?

You can wash your as often as you like. I suggest you cleanse the hair once a week with sulfate free products to keep the hair silky, nourished, soft and manageable. Avoid using tea tree and mint shampoos as they can cause your extensions to matte when shampooing. Try to use products designed to detangle and moisturize, smooth, shine and protect against split ends.


Q. Should I seal my wefts?

Sealed wefts are optional, not mandatory. We maintain a very high level of quality assurance and our wefts are doubled stitched to minimize shedding little to none. 


Q. Do you refunds and exchanges?

I will grant a refund for items that are returned in the same condition as it is when you received it, with the five queens seal intact. For example, if you order hair from us and when you recieve it, you no longer need it.. You will be asked to send pictures of the hair to 313 466 4656 to be approved for a refund.  If the pictures of the condition of the bundles are approved for a refund,  I will gladly accept a return for items that can be restocked and resold. You have 15 days to return it for a full refund excluding shipping fees. For the curly hair, such as "tight curly", "deep wave" and "body wave"  I will Not grant a refund if the curls of the hair hair has been fingered combed, pulled apart, manipulated (frizzy).  

I will not refund or exchange any hair that has been worn, installed, dyed, cut or made into a wig.   


The return address is 





Q. Do you offer overnight/expedited shipping?


Expedited shipping is offered occasionally. If that option is available at checkout then feel free to select faster shipping. Please select expedited shipping at check out when you place your order. We do not send invoices to upgrade from standard to express shipping. If the expedited shipping option isn't available at checkout it is unavailable.


Q. How long does it take for me to receive my order after it is placed?


Please allow us 7-10 business (max) days to receive an order, but it can arrive as soon as 2 days depending on the state it is being delivered.


Q. How long after I purchase, will I receive a tracking number?


You will normally receive a tracking number 3-4 business days (excluding weekends) after your purchase, unless you choose expedited shipping.  When your label is printed; tracking is automatically sent to your email via paypal, then you will be sent the same tracking number via Shopify when the package has been taken to the post office. All Packages are shipped through usps. If your tracking number does not show any tracking updates within 72 hours after you've been sent tracking.  Please contact us through text at 313-4664656. please include your name and order number.


Q. Do I have the option to "Pick up" my order in person if I order online? 


Once you have made a purchase online, you do not have the option to pick it up. The order has to be shipped so that I can provide tracking numbers to protect the seller. I need proof of delivery for every transaction.


Q. Is there a location where I can purchase/pickup Five Queens?

NO, There is no pick up location for five queen. It is sold Strictly online at fivequeens.com


Q. Can Five Queens blend with my natural hair even though its so silky?


Five Queens hair can blend with every texture of hair from every ethnicity. If you don’t feel your hair will blend or it isn't long enough to blend, we sell closures made of the same great quality as our Five Queens Bundles.


Q. What is the difference between silk base and lace closures?

  • Silk bases are not as breathable, are not transparent, and come with a base that mimics the scalp. A Silk Base Closure is a closure piece that is worn usually with a weave to give a natural looking hair line. The Silk Base material creates a scalp for this closures and therefore can be parted and styled in any matter. There are no knots which  therefore creates an illusion as if the hair was growing from your scalp. The Silk Base Closures is commonly attached onto a cornrow base. Silk Base Lace Front Closure is an essential for a truly undetectable weave

  • Lace Closures are breathable, transparent, and allow the color of your natural scalp to show which make it more comfortable to wear. Lace closure are easier to apply and it lays the flattest.



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